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Greenland Ice Project Photography, Time-Lapse and Documentary

The Greenland Ice Project commenced with a month long visit to East Greenland in March 2010. To date there have been three visits which have been largely centred on learning how to work in what is an extremely difficult environment. So far weeks have been spent trapped by endless poor and often severe weather and the challenge has been as much dealing with flawed ambition as with the physical realities of Arctic life.

The initial journey was spent up on the icecap, living in a camp below the surface of the ice for protection from the ferocious katabatic winds. The second journey comprised of a month spent in the fjords and around the coastal regions in the brief time when the sea ice melts and permits this kind of travel.

Until the first exhibition from the project is held, only a small selection of images will appear here on the site.

The most recent journey in April 2011 - a planned icecap expedition, was marred by a three week storm which made accessing the icecap impossible. As an alternative, time was spend working with the sea-ice and this has provided a new and future direction for the project.

Documentary Working Title 'Nothing On Earth'

'Nothing on Earth' is the second documentary being created by Murray Fredericks and Michael Angus. Unlike 'Salt' which commence documenting Fredericks's Lake Eyre journeys once the project was fully established, Nothing on Earth follows the development of the Greenland Icecap Project from the first step.

Nothing on Earth has just completed its development phase in partnership with the ABC, Screen Australia and the Pacific Film and Television Commission.The documentary is planned to be completed in 2013.

The video 'Nothing on Earth' shown here in the Documentary section is a small 'teaser' of the footage produced to date. The time-laspe assembly is a small edit from the sequences shot during the autumn 2010 visit to East Greenland.