Salt Lake Eyre Photographs

"They are literally pictures of nothing, but nothing has never looked so good"
Art Critic John McDonald, Spectrum SMH February 19th 2006

Each year Since 2003, Murray Fredericks has camped for 5 weeks alone on the featureless surface of Lake Eyre immersed in pure space. The solitude, simplicity and repetition of the days, calms the mind, heightens the senses and provides a fertile platform from which to produce the stunning images.

The subject of Fredericks photographs is emptiness, infinity and the void. Scale is lost in these images as the only reference point provided is the razor sharp horizon, consistently placed low in the images to emphasise the vast skies.

The photographs are produced on a traditional 8" x 10" film plate camera and the prints are pigment on cotton rag.

I have been camping alone in the centre of Lake Eyre for five weeks at a time, every year for the past six years.

SALT is the name of the ongoing photographic series that I have produced on these solo journeys. The photographs are representations of pure space, infinity and emptiness.

The imagery conveys 'essence' over 'place'.

Salt The documentary

SALT is the story of award winning and internationally renowned photo-artist, Murray Fredericks on his annual solo pilgrimage to the heart of Lake Eyre in the remote north corner of South Australia. It is a piece on the personal journey of the artist, the creative process and the landscape itself.